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UPDATE: STATUS: Volume: standard, production on schedule, Stated Status for much blowgun production and dispatch: On Stated Schedule!

Our entire line of Extreme Blowguns are 100% Made and Assembled in the USA and not China like others.

 Transportation time once shipped will take 1 - 5 business days for delivery, depending on location and method of shipping option selected. Please note: we can not change a shipping option or add items to an existing order due to; the banks do not allow a merchant to add a dollar amount to an existing authorization.

 Information regarding online orders are emailed to the email address provided on the order. An email receipt is sent upon placing an order. Status of an order can be viewed at any time by simply clicking on the link to view order within your email receipt. It can also be viewed directly off our shopping cart system by clicking the
Order Status link. And also by sighing-in to your account, if you setup an account originally before ordering. Make sure to include a valid and correct email address in order to receive your receipt and to view order status and any information that pertains. Make sure to check your Junk email folders for correspondence. if you provided a correct and valid email address, many have found their emails there and or adjust your email settings to receive email from us, if spam filters are an issue.
 Please Include a valid and complete shipping address. For whatever reason as of late we have been receiving a high percentage of misspelled and or incomplete address's. Include the correct address, including St, Blvd, Ave, Ct, etc., and or Apt, Ste, Lot # etc., if valid, when placing orders... We are not responsible for misdelivery or loss of packages due to, invalid or incomplete address's.

I tried to place an order but my order was declined, or you can't ship this to my locale by law but yet my online statement shows an authorization or a pending charge?

f you tried to place an order and your order was declined, the electronic systems will show an authorization or pending charge. Your credit card has not been charged. However, your financial institution may show a pending amount on your on-line credit card statement. This amount will typically, within 5 business days, drop off according to your institution's policy.

For other business exchange relation payment options or further info:
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I can't get the blowguns to come up. Is there something wrong with my computer, is it my settings, or am I just plain loosing my mind, what the Heck is going on?

is nothing wrong with your computer or the vertical, horizontal adjustments on your television... Due to such high product demand we often get so overwhelmed with custom build job production we have to turn off the blowguns in order to get caught up with the present build jobs we already have in place... In order to produce a "Quality" blowgun it takes much time and would rather stand with our long time reputation of product quality that has made us #1, rather than quantity that looses the desired character in the transition.

Can you ship to my location?

We process and Ship Blowguns and Blowgun related items to US Territory only, with the exception of the state of CA and MA.

What is the best blowgun you manufacturer?

Our .50 caliber Blowgun series in the CT-Competition configuration barrels incorporate the most advanced applied mathematics in both product material and configuration design in the history of modern commercial blowgun manufacturer to date, Nothing Compares! For more information on specs on America's #1 selling and most sought after blowgun, please visit for further info.


For information regarding further questions, please visit the sections "Customer Service", "Order Information" and the category "Blowgun Clubs & Info" under the section "Shooting Sports" off the front website at for even more information.  

We hope that these answers may have helped and saved you some time. They are questions that we get asked on a daily basis. Hopefully it will benefit and reinforce the entwine of our elite group that keep it strong in both you our valued consumer and the business alike run more efficiently and reinforce a stable union between us, in order for us to serve you better. Please feel free to check other links on our site for questions in specific categories or just plain info on blowguns. Any other questions, feel free to email, we will respond to valid request and or any other questions that have not already been addressed within 12 hours in most cases.

24/7/365 Voice Access: (360) 275-3312

Thanks all for making Extreme Blowguns #1

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