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High Compression DR .50
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High Compression DR .50
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High Compression DR .50
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Combine the Power of timeless past as well as the future utilizing greatest earthly power energy forces and of all universal creation within the High Compression DR!

Retains all steel darts in position after sliding the blowgun dart into the blowgun barrel, thus giving ability to shoot at any angle including downward from tree stands, 2nd story decks etc., in which many blowgun users greatly desire! – Increases dart speed thus impact, due to the compression based structured format, as well as increased performance enhanced accuracy, as well as reinforcing safety anti-inhale user properties!

COLOR: Black
CALIBER: Fits .50 Caliber Blowgun Barrels

INSTRUCTIONS: Simply pop off your safety mouthpiece and easily slide on your High Compression DR on to your blowgun barrel, and simply reattach your mouthpiece. Installation is achieved within mere seconds! You are now ready to harness and experience the greatest power force gateway of all Universal creation!

NOTE: Picture shows HCDR attached to blowgun for illustration purposes only. Blowgun not included.

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