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Amazon Commando Blowgun 48"
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Amazon Commando Blowgun 48"
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Amazon Commando Blowgun 48"
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FEATURES: Aircraft aluminum .50 caliber blowgun barrels, With a baked on exterior finish. Amazon Commando is a decked out .50 caliber Blowgun loaded with 44 hunting darts and accessories and is equipped to handle all of our .50 caliber blowgun hunting dart series and paintballs, for more impact and penetration for small game hunting and the power to deliver a paintball twice the size of a .40 caliber for even more paintball Fun!

35% MORE IMPACT over .40 caliber models.

FULLY LOADED! With 44 Blowgun Hunting Darts and Accessories.

Package Includes:

  • 1 Aircraft Aluminum .50 Caliber 48" Blowgun Barrel

  • (16) 4" Target Darts

  • (10) 5" Spearhead Steel Hunting Darts

  • (10) 5" Broadhead Hunting Darts

  • 8 Stinger (Rabbit Hunter) Darts

  • 44 Darts Total

  • 3 Dart Guards

  • 1-16 Point quiver

  • 4-10 Point quivers

  • 1-8 Point quiver

  • 1 Foam grip

  • Safety Mouthpiece

  • Muzzle guard

  • 1 Blowgun Carry Sling

SIZE: 48"

COLOR: Black

Manufactured in the U.S.A.
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Amazon Commando Blowgun 48"
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