.62 cal Muzzle Guard Peep Sight
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.62 cal Muzzle Guard Peep Sight
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.62 cal Muzzle Guard Peep Sight
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.62 cal Blowgun Muzzle Guard Crosshair Peep Sight

.62 caliber Blowgun High Visibilty Crosshair Muzzle Guard Peep Sight.

The Days, of Non Muzzle Guard accessory Options for the .62 caliber Blowgun, Has Now Ended!!!

Protects Blowgun barrel, and greatly adds extra visual coordination support for enhanced precision accuracy reinforced pinpoint aim target align specific!

Very rare and unique .62 caliber Blowgun Opportunity Accessory Option!

APPLICATION: Fits Cold Steel standard.62 Caliber Magnum Model Only!
NOTE: Does Not Fit the Professional.

Proudly Made in the USA

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