BATMAN Necklace Throwing Knife
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BATMAN Necklace Throwing Knife
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BATMAN Necklace Throwing Knife
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BATMAN Throwing Knife Necklace Collector Piece

BATMAN Collector Throwing Knife Necklace w/Custom Neck Chain ready to wear, display or just plain Bat throwing action! Collection piece includes: 4" Precision Balanced Bat Thrower constructed of 440 solid stainless steel sharpened to a razor sharp edge on both sides of the Bat Wings, Highlighted in a midnight black finish with accenting neck chain and black corresponding clasp. Includes, protective heavy duty clam-pack professionally sealed with Full Color art-work insert for collection display or resale thus keeping the collection piece in top showroom condition  for easy convenient transport or protective secure storage. This unique Bat Thrower/Necklace is a must have collector piece for the Bat collector, or fan alike!

Includes: 4" Midnight Black Bat Thrower with matching custom black clasp, neck chain, housed in a full color art display sealed clam pack for the ultimate gift presentation, or the serious Bat collector!!

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