Fidragon Deluxe Blowgun 24"
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Fidragon Deluxe Blowgun 24"
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Fidragon Deluxe Blowgun 24"
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Fidragon Blowgun DLX 24"

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Fidragon 24" Deluxe Blowgun. Features: Fully Loaded Blowgun that's ready for action complete with 42 hunting blowgun darts, quivers, dart guards and accessories. Blowgun ammo assortment includes: 16 Target Darts, 10 Spearhead Darts, 8 Stinger Darts and 8 Stunner Darts including all the Quivers with protective Dart Guards installed on the Blowgun as well as a foam grip and a convenient carry sling for easy transport.


  • .40 caliber anodized aluminum blowgun barrel
  • 1 Anti-inhale safety double ring mouthpiece
  • 1 "BONUS" Anti-inhale standard safety mouthpiece
  • 16 sharp wire hunting/target darts
  • 10 spearhead hunting darts
  • 8 spike rabbit hunter darts
  • 8 stun darts
  • 42 darts total
  • 1 Foam hand grip
  • 1 Muzzle guard
  • 1 Shoulder sling strap
  • 2 Q-ST quivers
  • One 16 point dart quiver
  • Two 10 point dart quivers
  • 3 Dart guards
  • Caliber: .40 cal.
  • Size: 24"
  • Color: Black
  • Safety decal on barrel
  • Packaged in poly bag w/color header card & factory insert
  • Mfg. Origin: China
  • Mfg: Fidragon Blowguns

The Fidragon Blowguns incorporate a double ring safety mouthpiece in design. What this design is designed for originally is to hold the dart in place while pointing downward, the dart will hold in place until fired by incorporating a 2nd safety ring within its design. While this feature may be highly sought after by many blowgun users, may confuse others, as this design is not commonly used here in the US, therefore, we have also included a standard mouthpiece for those that prefer a more common style open design safety mouthpiece of more common nature to us here in the US. However, many ask for this style design mouthpiece and find much value in its overall design, however we have included a Bonus Extra standard mouthpiece for those accustomed to US standard mouthpiece design.

No Blowgun Sales permitted to CA or MA.

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