Knight's Dagger w/Scabbard
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Knight's Dagger w/Scabbard
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Knight's Dagger w/Scabbard
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Knight's Ring Hilted Dagger w/Scabbard

Knight's Dagger features a 5-1/4" double edged stainless steel dagger style blade. Textured black metal handles with brushed stainless guard, pommel and handle circular wrap trim that was used originally to reinforce a strong grip and add strength integrity within its overall design and the metal pommel comes to a sharp triangular point in which was used for an efficient and deadly strike to the assailant by the past warriors with this type design style. Includes matching scabbard that features a metal pointed end as well if needed in battle before the dagger is even drawn and features an attached decorative chain that can be used for hanging and displaying the Knight's dagger. Perfect size with unique, simple yet effective style pattern for both battle warriors of the past and also in attractive design in which any owner would proudly add to their collection. Dagger measures: 10" overall and with scabbard display measures in at 10-7/8" overall.

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