German Combat Dagger w/Sheath
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German Combat Dagger w/Sheath
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German Combat Dagger w/Sheath
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German Combat Dagger w/Sheath

This classic style German military dagger is lightweight and unbelievably nimble and coordination relative within the hand and wrist as though it's part of the human anatomy due to its unique overall shape. The handle is large and the interaction due to the overall shape is totally unique! - This model features an all black finish with a semi-serrated rear section on the large 8-1/4" combat style all black 440 stainless steel blade that comes to an aggressive combat style dagger point that features a one sided large rear blood groove. The entire Full Tang is 440 stainless steel with finished black textured handle overlays of the unique 5-3/4" curved style handle complete with swastika inlay. The sleek blade and textured grip offer ultimate performance in this aggressive military style model. Includes classic style formatted sheath with framed shaped insert for the blade, complete with snap closure and finished with a large belt loop. Overall Length of this unique collector model from tip to pommel-end measures in at 14" overall.

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