German Dress Dagger W/ Sheath
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German Dress Dagger W/ Sheath
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German Dress Dagger W/ Sheath
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$30.00  $9.95

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German Dress Dagger W/ Sheath

This German style dagger features heavy weight with a 8-5/8" stainless dagger style blade. The pommel and guard are both made of heavy metal. The scabbard/sheath also has much metal and contributes to the overall heavy weight of the piece and features chains that add to the overall appearance and could also even be used in hanging the piece for display. The overall length of the dagger itself is 13 1/2" overall, so is a sizable style dagger with substantial weight complete. The machining done to do the metal parts look a little rough to me here and there on these units, although overall appearance is good and no flaws, perfect blades, but due to that, we are knocking these units out at deep discounts, in order to keep the deepest of faith within our loyal and large following. So overall a very solid dagger with perfect blades and even have a mirror blade finish to boot but offering these at low discounted prices to our faithful customers, for those that would like one that is.

Normal retail market value on these units would run $30.00 - $35.00 on the average side and our normal low price would be around the $18.00 mark on these, but because I'm getting fussy, Hehe - Today's offering on these units are just $9.95 - while supplies last that is, that should keep those smiles reinforced out there... Enjoy Folks!

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