Stabilizer Pro SL04 Competition Slingshot
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Stabilizer Pro SL04 Competition Slingshot
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Stabilizer Pro SL04 Competition Slingshot
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MKSL04 Slingshot
$44.95  $19.95

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Stabilizer Pro SL04 Slingshot

The Man Kung Stabilizer Pro SL04 Slingshot is a professional grade slingshot a major step above the rest. The SL04 comes with a sleek and efficient 3-piece weighted stabilizer system, that includes a dual front stabilizer and sight system, with a heavy bottom weighted stabilized balance system, for the most demanding professional. Made of top grade material in a solid base body format with molded finger grooved contoured pistol grip handle for comfort, durability and a precision grip. Includes arm lock system and a quick detach band system. High-end material sports a black and high-gloss chrome finished look. Top end model by main slingshot global manufacturer world leader, Man Kung, model above known barnett Pro-Diablo 2. Very solid slingshot, whether professional usage or not, and well noted for reputation, as being the best overall slingshot in the world today! This particular model is very rare and choice in the US market!

Man Kung produces 99% of all slingshots on the market, no matter the brand name. They are the worlds largest manufacturer of Crossbows and Slingshots on the world market today! Very rare, choice and quality prevails in the worlds largest slingshot manufacturer, Man Kung!

When Highest Quality of Value at the Lowest Price has to be the One - There is Only One! - Man Kung!

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