The "Magic" Professional Slingshot (Blue)
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The "Magic" Professional Slingshot (Blue)
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The "Magic" Professional Slingshot (Blue)
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MAGIC Slingshot Blue
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The Professional Slingshot "Magic" is a Versatile, High Quality model of leading industries best, incorporating higher grade material, applied technology design of leading professional expertise! Design creation incorporates: Auto Feed System, Adjustable Sighting System, Adjustable Yoke, Adjustable Arm Guard , Genuine Leather Ammo Pouch, Steel Construction with Highest Grade Nickel Finish, Design function, that is totally customizable on a based format foundation from worlds leading authority and leading manufacturer of almost all slingshots on the worldwide market. Color: Blue, Weight: 17 oz.


The Professional is an ideal choice for those who seek target accuracy who want versatility and high quality.

Unlike other basic market models, It is designed for those that are familiar with professional equipment.

It has a steel frame with a nickel finish and a genuine leather ammo pouch.

The formula configuration incorporated in manufacturer is of a professional grade not found in any other slingshots, and easily noticed in the balance, weight and feel etc., of the Professional model.

It has applied technology that applies to increased target precision of accuracy used in high-tech archery equipment, thus giving a similar feel and familiarity for archers of related sport.

The Professional is very ergonomic and a very well thought-out slingshot. The adjustable fork extension makes it powerful as well as adjustable in combination with the adjustable wrist brace adds accuracy, comfort that in combination can be adjusted to fit an endless array of configurations to custom tailor to meet any professionals personal preference of precision refinement.

Another design feature unique to the Professional is the unique Auto Feed System incorporated within the solid handle that allows feed of one ball at a time as needed. The spring trigger arm, is conveniently located right below the pinky finger and thus giving natural feel, for ammo release, without loss of concentration of target concentration, avoiding distraction..

Yet even another unique design feature of the Professional is the adjustable sight system, that can also be custom tailored for personal preference in an endless array, due to it's unique design that again is similar to those used in high-tech archery equipment reinforcing increased target precision of accuracy.

The unique design approach of the Professional also took in consideration, a design format lending itself for portable, compact transport that is both practical yet highly functional, yielding a small footprint in size in use and ease of transport for the professional targeter and hunter alike in combination with technology of design for ease of reset that is both fast and easy for both the hunter in the field, as well as the targeter of competition, alike!

The manufacturer of the Professional is one we praise constantly here on the sight and is the worlds largest archery related sport manufacturer and of also slingshots as well and manufacturer most of the slingshots on the market for all the major brand names, as well as the less unknown.

The "Magic" of the Professional is in the Quality! You put it all together, the higher grade material, the technology and the design of a leading professional of a world class leader and you have the "Magic" of a Professional. The Professional Slingshot of "Magic"  

Combine that with our low pricing and you got the Leading Industries Best for Less!

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