Extreme Hotshot Toy Blowgun
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Extreme Hotshot Toy Blowgun
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Extreme Hotshot Toy Blowgun
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Hotshot Toy Blowgun
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Hotshot Toy Blowgun by Extreme Blowguns

You're never to old, or to young to get in on the Blowgun fun, and like dad, like son everyone gets in on the fun with the Extreme Hotshot Toy Blowgun, by Extreme Blowguns!

Extreme Hotshot Toy Blowgun Enhanced Safety Features Include: a safety anti/inhale mouthpiece, for loading the safety soft rubber suction cup safety darts, once the suction cup dart is loaded, it can move forward only, for reinforced anti/inhale enhanced safety measure. SBV (Safety Barrel Vents), Enhanced Safety Feature prevents anti/inhale from the muzzle end of the blowgun, in case of mistakenly loaded from the wrong end, Greatly reinforces anti/inhale property's, in case of incorrect loading procedure from the opposite end of the blowgun. Safety suction cup darts: No sharp projectiles, or pointed sharp edges, or steel parts, made of highly flexible lightweight plastic and soft rubber, for enhanced safety measure. Safety soft rubber blowgun quiver for attaching safety darts to blowgun body, No hard plastic, or sharp edges, to deal with for the most delicate of hands, or body contact with soft rubber dart quiver. Safety smooth contoured blowgun body and parts, all assembled parts come safety contoured molded  rounded countered rounded edges with overall smooth finish from beginning to end for the most delicate of hands, or of any body contact with the toy blowgun overall. Extreme Safety high-contrast fluorescent bright yellow toy coloration, for unmistaken toy identity, by others, making toy identity easily color identifiable and highly safety visibility.

Enhanced performance line level features Include: High tech precision molded mouthpiece, for reinforced seal for maximum compression. High quality polypropylene plastic dart body, for lighter weight and precision molded fit for optimum performance level. Muzzle end rounded ports increase dart performance, in stabilizing dart flight, as well as safety enhanced features. Muzzle guard peep-sight, a highly popular accessory feature with all blowguns and comes as a standard feature with our Extreme Hotshot Toy Blowgun.

Other Enhanced Features Include: Extra large, tight fitting soft beveled high quality foam grip, for a secure and confident grip, no matter the size of users hands. Bright colored, high contrast multi color, highly visible, washable target made exclusively for the suction cup toy blowgun safety darts. Blowgun constructed of high quality impact resistant light weight material formulation for enhanced structural integrity while reinforcing light weight for ease of maneuverability. Optimum size configuration length, 24 " barrel,  for optimum performance level, without being cumbersome by the smallest of user and combined with the enhanced performance features, delivers the highest performance level possible while measuring only 24 3/4" overall.


  • High performance toy blowgun line level with incorporated enhanced safety features
  • Bright fluorescent yellow color configuration, for unidentifiable toy identification
  • Soft suction cup safety darts, for optimum safety standard level
  • Anti/inhale safety mouthpiece with SBV (Safety Barrel Vents) for optimum safety level standard
  • Optimum size level performance,  measuring 25 3/4" overall
  • Soft contoured Construction, throughout
  • Muzzle Guard Peep-Sight, enhanced popular accessory, standard on all Hotshot models
  • Includes 4 multi-colored suction cup safety soft darts with soft rubber safety blowgun dart quiver
  • Includes Bright Muti colored washable target
  • Optimum safety, performance level within toy standard configuration level
  • Weight: 6.5 oz.
  • Comes in a factory full/color artwork designed full display visible protective clam pack, for optimum customer presentation


  • 1 Smooth contoured 24" blowgun barrel
  • 1 Anti-inhale safety mouthpiece
  • 4 Suction cup safety blowgun darts
  • 1 Foam hand grip
  • 1 Muzzle guard with a peep sight
  • 1 Soft rubber safety blowgun dart quiver
  • Size: 24 3/4" Overall
  • Color: Bright Fluorescent safety yellow
  • Safety decal on barrel
  • 1 Multi color washable reusable Target
  • Packaged in full/color art designed protective clam-pack shell packaging

No Blowgun Sales permitted to CA or MA.

$19.95  $9.95
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