Black Masonic Dagger w/Scabbard
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Black Masonic Dagger w/Scabbard
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Black Masonic Dagger w/Scabbard
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Freemason Classic Dagger w/Scabbard

This traditional medieval piece features Masonic imagery in its design to make it a very sought after collectible item. This piece offers a traditional 440 stainless steel 9 1/2" blade with a High Polish Mirror finish! The cast handle offers high-gloss black with gold accents and intricately detailed guard, pommel and hilt. This medieval collectible dagger measures 15" overall and 15 3/4" complete and includes a coordinating high-gloss matching black scabbard. This a beautiful piece and with a 5 star in looks and appearance and stands out above the rest, in the medieval category!

Symbolism means a great deal in Masonic tradition, as they frequently use symbols to define the concepts by which they define their lives. The Black Masonic Dagger bears a few of the symbols of freemasonry, and could be considered a symbol as well! The images on this Ceremonial Dagger of the Masonic Lodge include the square and compass, hammer, all seeing eye, order of the Eastern star and faces.

The Square symbolizes things of the earth, and it also symbolizes honor, integrity, truthfulness, and the other ways we should relate to this world and the people in it. The Compasses symbolize things of the spirit, and the importance of a good and well-developed spiritual life, and also the importance of self control - of keeping ourselves within bounds. The G stands for Geometry, the science which the ancients believed most revealed the glory of God and His works in the heavens, and it also stands for God, Who must be at the center of all our thoughts and of all our efforts.

  • Blade: The blade of the dagger is 440 Stainless Steel, in a mirror polished finish
  • Blade Length: 9 1/2"
  • Overall Length: 15" (Dagger)
  • Length Overall: 15 3/4" (Complete)
  • Includes: Custom high-gloss coordinating matching hard shell Scabbard
  • Comes in a factory full/color artwork designed decorative gift box
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