Sultan Dagger w/Scabbard
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Sultan Dagger w/Scabbard
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Sultan Dagger w/Scabbard
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Sultan Dagger

with Scabbard

Solid Steel Handle

Quality Blade Etching

High Quality Look!



The Sultan Dagger is an EXCELLENT piece! The major high-lights with the Sultan Dagger, is that it has a SOLID steel handle and an exceptional looking blade, with a super high quality look to it, with much end sheen finish. It has a sticker stating 440 stainless, but to me it looks higher quality and would bet it's really made of possibly 420, or perhaps maybe a high end 440 stainless. like 440C perhaps. Very solid dagger with very high-quality look appeal, and much weight to it as well. The picture we presently have from the manufacturer, does NOT do this classy dagger any justice. I GUARANTEE, you will like the material quality and the quality look of this model dagger, particularly the blade and the design on both sides of the blade and the solid steel handle as well. Great quality and great look as well, and appears to be somewhat rare out there as well! This particular model would easily have a sticker price of $50.00 - $60.00 easily in a specialty shop, due to the quality look of this particular model, I guarantee... Great deal at our low price, if you like a Sultan Dagger theme, or just wanting a dagger with a high quality look and appeal, the Sultan Dagger would be the Best Deal!


  • Overall Length: 13 1/2"
  • Blade Length: 8" Double Edged
  • Blade Material: 440 Surgical Stainless Steel engraved
  • Handle Material: Antique Pewter finish cast metal
  • Scabbard: Antique Pewter finish cast metal
  • A Beautiful Heavy Weight Dagger
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