Draco Alien Predator Fantasy Dagger
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Draco Alien Predator Fantasy Dagger
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Draco Alien Predator Fantasy Dagger
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Draco Alien Fantasy Dagger w/Stand

The oldest and largest creations of the universe feed on the victory only of the trophies in which they hunt. Like humans they vary slightly and come in slightly different forms, and their genetic code was left in those variations in the hybrid dinosaur genetic experiments from their earthly visitation of ancient past, and the hybrid offspring of the predator alien genetic coding left behind, soon became known by humanity of that some found fascinating, while others feared and they soon became known to humanity as Draco, or Dragon in English tongue.

The Alien Draco Predator Genetic code had been broken and their likeness was soon mirrored in this fantasy knife and the modern slang for the ancient Alien Dragon Predator, in these modern times became simply known as "Cyber Dragon"

The Dragon Alien Fantasy Dagger is constructed with all metal and features exquisite ornate alien detail with graphic detail on both sides of the massive 10 inch 440 stainless steel blade, with highly detailed cast metal cyber dragon designed handle, that can be proudly displayed with the included black deluxe display stand, of the Draco Alien Fantasy Dagger that measures 16" overall.  


  • Made from 440 stainless steel
  • Blade features graphic detail on both sides
  • Handle features cyber dragon ornate detail
  • Blade length: 10"
  • Over length: 16" overall
  • Includes black display stand

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