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Blowgun Fabric Cases by Extreme Blowguns
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Blowgun Fabric Cases by Extreme Blowguns
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Blowgun Fabric Cases by Extreme Blowguns
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Blowgun Fabric Case

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Extreme Blowgun Fabric Sleeve Cases

We have discovered, developed and brought forward a rather unique design blowgun bag type casing system that lends itself foremost as an affordable level first of all for the blowgun market, and secondly the values of such a system that offers a Healthier Scenario for the sport blowgun user. It achieves this by keeping your blowgun and you in a Cleaner Environment within its relation!

The First Thing one must ask, are you tired of breathing in dust and wiping the environmental fallout off your blowgun every few days? The answer more than likely is yes! Therefore you may find benefits in such a system. Being Cost Efficient being a major priority, the main sole reason for such development is of course protection from the exterior surroundings and the protection thereof, thus keeping a Clean and Germ Free sport tool as a result.

The Positives are Many; First and foremost within the benefits on a health basis, is such a system keeps your blowguns clean and germ free and environmental contamination protected from natures hand. Thus keeping your blowgun and YOU healthier and Better Health as a result. We have designed the sleeves from a heavyweight material that can be cleaned when ever needed and simply put in with your regular laundry, thus keeping the cases clean and dust free within its cell pores that cause issues with many of us on a daily basis, in which is another health plus within its unique designed format.

Cost efficient, and Health benefits, are just the start within its design. There Is Only One! YES, you only need One for All! It's unique design is dimensionally perfected to comfortably, yet perfectly accommodate and house a fully loaded  24" Blowgun, a 36" Blowgun, and a 48" Blowgun, and all sizes in-between! Color dark blue. In its versatility within its unique design, it also will house and protect a .40 caliber Blowgun, Our .50 caliber Blowguns, and Yes, even a .62 caliber Blowgun, such as the popular Cold Steel Magnum Blowgun models, and YES, even the Cold Steel Professional model Blowguns, as well as our .40 caliber Paintball Blowgun shooters, up to 48" in length and below!

Cost efficient, Health benefits and versatility, Yes, there's more! PRIVACY! - It keeps your business your business, the Way it should Be! Keeps your Blowgun unseen and unnoticed from others, such as curiosity of kids, passerby's, houseguest, and most of all Nosey people and many More! It keeps your business, Exclusive to You!

Cost efficient, Health benefits, versatility and Privacy, Yes there's More within its unique design! It is Lightweight and Super Compact! Ease of transport and storage is one benefit, it's compact size is another plus surrounding its unique design. When not in use, it can be easily cleaned and folded into a very small footprint and stored in the smallest of areas, say where camping is an absolute must for compact space for travel and its convenience, or just at home, where it will be safe and secure, for when you need its protection once again. It's small compact size is also a benefit in the sporting scheme, such as tournament leagues, where it can be folded and easily put into your dart case, or best of all, right in your pocket, such as your shirt pocket, pants pocket, or say your jacket pocket, if it's cool outside and sets at your table where you know it's safe and sound while you compete, or just having fun. In the Hunting scenario the same applies. No special needs for when you get to your locale of choice and can simply be folded and placed in your backpack, pockets, tackle box etc., or wherever a small space allows for its temporary placement, all within a Small Footprint!

For even more protection and even more Features, please see our upper-end Blowgun Cases, made with Military spec material and configurations and even yet, other advanced design Features!

  • Improved Health
  • Sanitation
  • Privacy
  • Protection
  • Cost efficient
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Convenience
  • Versatile
  • Washable
  • Environmental Safe

INSTRUCTIONS: Simply and easily slide your Sport Blowgun into your Extreme Blowgun Fabric Case, fold over its unique designed header and tie secure and snug with it's unique draw tie feature achieving a Custom Fit.

Blowgun Fabric Cases by Industries Leader - EXTREME BLOWGUNS - a division of TARGET ZONE SPORTS, Inc.

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