Antique Pistol w/Hidden Fantasy Dagger
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Antique Pistol w/Hidden Fantasy Dagger
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Antique Pistol w/Hidden Fantasy Dagger
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$30.00  $15.95

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Antique Pistol w/Hidden Fantasy Dagger

This replica Antique Black-Powder Pistol with concealed Dagger took us a bit by surprise, these units are really rather quite unique and different from the norm. Outside of its rarity in style format, it's quite detailed in its technical design and even has a realistic functional hammer assembly incorparated with a working trigger! The moving parts surprisingly are constructed of fairly dense cast metal steel. The large 10.5" concealed double edged dagger blade is factory sharpened, adding a bit more of original finesse to this particular piece. The gun barrel, houses the hidden dagger with precision fit in the scabbard role that it doubles, and is also mostly metal component in its overall makeup material base structure. It also has a removable steel powder packing rod adding even more authenticism in the replica role within its unique and creative antique role it portrays. It comes with a real leather gun holster, that adds allot of admirer attention, when displayed over the gun barrel in its full expression. It displays and looks well in both an antique, as well as modern art expression display format in the collection theme and has been known to be used in other applications, such as apparel character role makeup, to even the film industry, on the sets of the main Hollywood square.


  • Highly detailed Replica antique flintlock pistol
  • Working "cocking" action and trigger mechanism
  • 10.5" Double edge dagger blade concealed in gun barrel
  • Overall length: 15" overall
  • Removable packing rod
  • Comes with real leather antique style belt holster
  • Great for re-enactors, costume use. art display and collectors on all levels


  • 1 - Antique style pistol/dagger, with matching gun barrel style scabbard
  • 1 - Antique style coordinating design style leather gun holster
  • Heavy ply Full-Color exterior presentation box with tech/form inter/safe/port design coordinate for enhanced customer product presentation
  • Model: CIVIL WAR

Manufacturer retail on these units are $30.00 - Your Price/ea. $15.95

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