Cold Steel Pendleton Lite with Sheath
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Cold Steel Pendleton Lite with Sheath
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Cold Steel Pendleton Lite with Sheath
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$24.99  $22.45

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Cold Steel Pendleton Lite w/Belt Sheath

The only major changes in the Pendleton Hunter Lite from the original Pendleton Hunter were the adoption of more affordable 4116 Krupp steel and the use of polypropylene instead of Kraton for the handle. In Cold Steel's testing it got straight A's in the field as it is equally adept at field dressing and skinning, held a decent edge, was easy to sharpen, and proved to be tough as nails. If you're looking for a very affordable hunting/utility knife that comes with a good, pouch-style Cordura sheath and delivers more than your money's worth in performance and value look no further than the Pendleton Lite. 3 5/8" bl, 8 1/2" overall.

CAUTION: Handle with Care! The blade on this model comes from the factory with a blade edge beyond razor sharp! We recommend this model for the Experienced ONLY!
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