Stealth Comb Knife
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Stealth Comb Knife
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Stealth Comb Knife
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Self Defense Stealth Comb Knife

Stealth Comb Knife Features a hidden Double edged Dagger style stainless steel blade with sharpened point and slightly sharpened sides. This type of style format, is mostly used in a self defense application and is a suitable hidden self defense option for both men and women. This model is an all black 6 1/2" comb, standing undistinguished, that quickly pulls apart to reveal a hidden 3.5" Dagger blade, measuring 6 1/2" overall, in a lightweight designed format weighing in at just 1 oz. Due to its thin compact design the Stealth Comb Knife can be easily transported, in a small purse, gentlemen's dress shirt pocket, inner coat pocket, pants pocket, or just about anywhere a comb normally resides, Nobody will know it's a Dagger But You!

NOTE: This item cannot be shipped to CA, MA or New York State.

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