Border Patrol Survival Knife w/Sheath
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Border Patrol Survival Knife w/Sheath
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Border Patrol Survival Knife w/Sheath
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Border Patrol Knife
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Border Patrol Survival Bowie Knife with Sheath

The Border Patrol Survival Bowie rules the border gates with a no nonsense 11" 3CR13 stainless steel blade, or on patrol on the border line trail, cutting through mesquite-choked landscape like butter with its double sawback serrations proudly baring an exclusive Border Patrol etch in the honor of American justice in which it serves and defends! It companions with its user that includes a survival kit that is housed in the handle as well as a sharpening stone that is safe and secure in its own compartment in the included survival knife belt sheath. While the Border Patrol Survival Bowie, makes a great collector considering it's unique characteristics setting itself apart from all the rest, it also makes a great user, as a work knife, camping, hiking, survival or protection in the one it defends you can always depend, due to it's large strong rigid frame that measures 16" overall.
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