Large Spiked Bowie Knife w/Sheath
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Large Spiked Bowie Knife w/Sheath
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Large Spiked Bowie Knife w/Sheath
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TR-Spiked Bowie
$34.95  $12.95

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Large Spiked Bowie Knife W/Sheath

You better ask for forgiveness now because you're carrying the Rattler Spike bowie. It's not just a knife, it's a 15" extension of a bad attitude. With its 9 1/2" spiked back blade and ergonomic hardwood handle, this knife is ready for battle. Includes heavy duty nylon belt sheath for convenient transport or storage.

Seeking a unique large knife, either for work or display with a Razor Sharp Edge right out of the box? Consider these... The Spike is a whole lotta Rosie for the $ Value! Excellent factory production with an awesome factory applied Razor Edge on these Brutes! These units fit two categories and are a Fantasy knife, as well as a Sport use Bowie knife as well and makes a good user. Overall, solid value on these units!
$34.95 $12.95
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