Special Ops Survival Knife W/Sheath
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Special Ops Survival Knife W/Sheath
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Special Ops Survival Knife W/Sheath
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This survival knife is one of the biggest on the market! Measuring a massive 14 1/4" overall, this knife features a thick stainless steel 9" blade with saw serrations. This knife offers a solid metal guard and handle with a textured rubber overlay. Includes a survival kit, compass and sheath with sharpening stone.

This model is manufactured by Super Knife, known for making good quality cutlery products at an affordable price, so if you're a Super Knife fan like we are, this is one to add on. The Special Ops, has a unique Thick rubberized overlay over heavy metal skeleton on the handle design, in which is unique to its own. The blade appearance is super bright and looks great as well. The weight is up there and is quite heavy for this class and is typical of a good medium line survival. The saw teeth atop the 440 stainless steel blade, although appear small are quite effective and may be more desirable than the larger saw tooth types and trims through smaller branches with a breeze. The sheath, offers a hard shell ABS insert within the poly sheath styled format. Comes with reversed side compass that stays protected and other survival tidbits within the knife handle.

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