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Ramster Survival Knife
$79.95  $34.95

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RAMSTER Survival Knife, Survival Knife Sheath, Survival Gear, Survival Knife Kit! $34.95

The RAMSTER Survival Knife needs no Introduction, it's a well known popular High-Quality Survival knife here in the US market and we got em and we got em in the most popular color scheme wanted by the public in the Black configuration. It's an offshore production that was originally developed to compete with the upper-end major known high-end survival knives of the leading knife manufacturers, ranging in the $150.00 price range class in its specialized market of equivalent quality yet offered at a fraction of the cost in comparison. The style of the RAMSTER Survival knife format is the traditional style that was dominant in the knife industry pretty heavily back in the 1980's to the 90's I remember and was always a style that we had in the shops at the time, but the Quality of those weren't on this level, but was a popular style non-the-less. While I have seen the majority of survival knives through the decades in the $150,00 range, I've seen one or two that perhaps might top the RAMSTER in steel grade, maybe by an edge say, although very few, you could own 4 of these to just one of those in price structure but can't think of anything in this price range, or even the upper-end price range that the RAMSTER can't surpass, or keep up with really. One thing is for sure, I don't ever remember a knife this heavy, weighing in with its sheath at 2 1/4 lbs, in a 12.5" size class is quite hefty and quite a bit of good quality steel in the RAMSTER survival  knife format. The quality level of a knife in this class, is one you can actually use in a survival format, in which you can depend and not just look the part, like many of the lower-end less-expensive knives found just about anywhere, personally I'm pretty impressed by the weight of these units. The knife itself is of Top level Quality, not only in top shelf material of manufacturer but also in design and finished refinement. it is joined with precision and the thick solid tempered steel blade incorporates an endless straight razor edge on one side and two styles of saw-teeth on the back edge of the blade allows for the emergency cutting of metal, wood, rope, etc. and is heat treated to a rockwell hardness of 52-56. It is also designed to function in an array of extreme conditions including water, with a sheath design of superior water draining ability and a roomy air tight waterproof handle compartment sealed with a waterproof high-quality threaded cap.The kit comes included with many survival necessities, including a large functional waterproof compass with plenty of onboard compartments to house them all within its unique design and more!

The RAMSTER is not only isolated solely to just High Quality and its refinement but also adaptable in configuration application interweaved in its design foundation combined lends support within its diversity that equals the muscle centering in on a single mission of the highest priority in its design unequaled of reinforcing function superiority. The sheath is also of Top Quality in structure and also in the custom fit in design creation and appears to follow a military based design format and can carry many survival related items, due to having 2 onboard heavy duty nylon sheath compartments, within its design, one measuring 4 1/2" long by 2" wide and the upper compartment measuring 2 1/2" long by 2" wide, all in a small footprint and compact design, and can house survival related tools and even additional folding knives up to 4 1/2"  and offers an array of configurations, in which it can be transported and fitment options, per its main belt loop in which is easily and quickly installed or removed with an extra heavy duty, high quality clip, followed by a 2nd optional mid sheath body belt loop, for more positioning options and incorporates a leg tie securing the bottom section, if desired in this fitment configuration if desired and can even be worn vertically or horizontally, thanks to the two additional side belt loop options, this group of fastening loop options secure with high-quality full length Velcro, that secure the knife kit in this configuration, to the belt, or similar for even more fitment options and even incorporates a water drain option in the sheath that dispels water, keeping the blade and sheath internals free of water collection, while the threaded water-proof threaded handle cap, keeps survival gear within the handle compartment, air tight and dry, for when crossing streams, or water related type survival rescue, or for related survival tool use application. The sheaths team relation in design overall complete, supports a solid platform for the diversity supports the muscle with a single mission of enhanced function, the knife inheres tightly and secure with the internal spring style clips within the sheath that holds the knife snug and secure internally, followed by an external heavy duty strap in which overlaps the pommel guards, that secures the knife with a button type snap release, allowing for quick access for fast knife removal when needed, within the companion scheme incorporated in the sheath design in offering an array of configuration and fitment options, as well as function within the RAMSTER kit design lending itself not only solely to the highest-quality material, multiplicity but also in function that efficiently protects, houses and transports the hefty knife and all it's related survival tidbits that accompany the big fella. This knife gets allot of Ooo's and Ahhh's here at the factory and allot of attention from those that come into contact with the Mighty RAMSTER, as people gather around, as I show him around and many want one to take home. Retail on these units are $79.95 and of course, we always bring our best price structure forward to our following and our price offering is about 1/2 of market retail. In my opinion, the RAMSTER falls into the Price/Value Quality Leader Class in its group class and I'm personally not aware of anything that will top it, in this price class and thus bring it forward in our product lineup format offerings, in which our massive following has always counted on and stick to us like glue and I'm sure many will find reward in the RAMSTER in Quality of Price/Value, from the Industry Leader of Specialized Sport Products, is You in whom we Proudly Serve!


  • Entire knife is crafted from 440 stainless steel for rigidity
  • Large faced blade features long razor edge and dual serrated back and is heat treated to a Rockwell Hardness of 52-56
  • Unscrew the end of handle to reveal waterproof storage compartment with survival kit
  • Length: 12 1/2" Overall (Knife)
  • Color: Black on Black, throughout
  • Includes Hard Shell military style storage/transport sheath with compass, 2 onboard pouches and 2 detachable handle anchors
  • Mfg: US Based with Offshore factory production
  • Ramster High Quality Survival Knife Kit

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