Crossbow String Wax Protectant
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Crossbow String Wax Protectant
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Crossbow String Wax Protectant
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CB String Wax

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High Quality Crossbow String Wax. All purpose, super adhesive for all crossbow string types and crossbow maintenance. As with any bow, the strings of a crossbow will eventually fray, wear out and need to be replaced. Crossbow strings can last from a minimum of 100 shots upward to several hundred, depending on  string wax maintenance. If you're a hunter who subjects your bow to extreme temperatures and moisture, care for your strings will ensure longevity, will keep performance levels stable and greatly increase string life of employment. By waxing your crossbow string every eight to 10 firings, you can decrease the wear and tear on your strings and extend their use.

Crossbow string wax will greatly increase string life and maintain peak level performance!


  • Best all-purpose string wax available
  • Superior Adhesion
  • Perfect for making Flemish Strings
  • One wax for all string types
  • Made in the USA

Basics of Crossbow and String Wax Maintenance:

  1. Place the crossbow, so that the string is in a relaxed position, or simply remove the string if relaxing the string is not an option.
  2. With a slightly damp cloth, remove any grime and foreign debris from your entire crossbow, prod and string.
  3. Dry your bow thoroughly with a dry towel, removing all moisture from the bow, including the strings. Also let it air-dry for several hours. (Don't try to speed up the drying process by using a hair dryer or space heater. This will defeat the purpose of using wax on your strings and crossbow to protect it from damaging temperatures and harsh conditions).
  4. Inspect the strings. If you notice "wooling"--gray fibers threading out from the bowstring--you should wax the bow and strings. However, if you see fraying that goes beyond wooling, you might need to replace the string.
  5. After the string has completely air dried, Scoop up some wax using your finger. With your thumb and index finger, massage the wax into the string. Start at one nock end of the crossbow, and work your way evenly and thoroughly to the other nock end.
  6. Apply wax in the same way to any part of the crossbow that the string touches during firing, including any Teflon tape. To reduce friction and improve arrow speed when firing, also apply the wax to the groove that holds the arrow/bolt.


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