Pistol Crossbow High-Speed Arrows
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Pistol Crossbow High-Speed Arrows
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Pistol Crossbow High-Speed Arrows
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CB Short Arrow

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Crossbow Arrows for Crossbow Pistols. Popular True-Flight High-Quality Light-weight High-Speed, Precision Crossbow Arrow that deliver a Real Punch! Fits our Man Kung Crossbow 50 lb Pistols, 80 lb Pistol Crossbows and others that call for an Ultra-Performance, Short Style, Precision Crossbow Arrow-Bolt.

Works with 50 lb. Pistol Crossbows and 80 lb. Pistol Crossbows and are a good Crossbow Arrow/Bolt to add to your supply along with the longer 6.5" Arrows that are standard on the market for the pistols. They are popular and many prefer this style over the others but it's all personal preference, worth adding to your crossbow arrow supply cabinet for the ultimate crossbow arrow/bolt variety selection. These are rare, compare at $12.95 found Elsewhere!!


  • Sharpened Metal Tips
  • Shaft & Fletching PVC
  • Length: 3" Overall
  • Wing Style: 3 Point
  • Weight: 5.25 gr.


  • 10 Ultra-Performance crossbow arrow/bolts
  • Clam pack
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