"Devil's Glare" The Sword of Baykok
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"Devil's Glare" The Sword of Baykok
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"Devil's Glare" The Sword of Baykok
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The Sword of Baykok "DEVIL'S GLARE"

There are Native American legends that tell of a creature which haunts the area around the Great Lakes. Some call it death; some say that it is worse than death. Its voice is shrill and the sound of its cry will cause the knees of even the bravest warrior to tremble in fear. It looks similar to a skeletal zombie, with fierce eyes and glides through the forest in search of warriors to kill and devour. It attacks with invisible arrows and gnarled clubs, and when the warrior is beaten to within an inch of his life it rips open the chest and begins to feast on the liver.

This, the Sword of Baykok (Devils Glare), is forged out of both mysticism and metal; it is the only weapon capable of harming the foul creature that stalks the night. With its glowing, almost wicked eyes, the spirit inside this sword imbues the wielder with the power to fend off the most vile and evil creatures.
This unique short sword comes with a leather sheath and is a conversation piece that will look good on any wall or desk.

Blade material: 420 J2 Stainless Steel
Overall Length: 17"
Blade Length: 10"
Includes Leather Sheath

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