HFC M-92F Silver Heavy Weight
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HFC M-92F Silver Heavy Weight
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HFC M-92F Silver Heavy Weight
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Based after the Beretta M-92F This Airsoft Heavyweight W/Hopup shoots 6 mm Paintballs or Airsoft bb's.

Features: One cock spring action, No Co2 or nitrogen gas or tanks to buy!
Includes: 100 airsoft pellets.
Heavy Weight: Weighs 1.5 lbs.
Open slide.
On frame safety.
Dimensions: 8 1/2 " Long, 5 1/2 " Tall
Barrel: 3 1/2 "
Ammo: 6 m.m. Airsoft BB's and Paintballs.

(Extra Clips are available for this fine HFC model).

Getting the best of both replica and shooting worlds, the HFC M-92F has potential for either. It performs well as an AirSoft shooter, or as a working commemorative model. Be it a veteran, serviceman, policeman, or AirSoft hobbyist, the M-92F is known and liked all too well.

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