.50 Cal. Blowgun Barrels 36"
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.50 Cal. Blowgun Barrels 36"
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.50 Cal. Blowgun Barrels 36"
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EXTREME BLOWGUNS .50 Caliber Blowgun Barrels

.50 caliber Blowgun barrels. Custom make your own setup from scratch. Starting with the best Blowgun barrel on the market today, EXTREME Blowgun Barrels.

FEATURES: Extreme Blowgun Extrusionized Anodized, Electro plated Aluminum barrels. Baked to a super hard finish. Deburred on both ends, In and outside of Barrel.

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SIZE: 36"

Made in the USA

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Gun Metal Grey (CT) (Add $2.00)
Green Camo (CT) (Add $3.00)
Urban Camo (CT) (Add $3.00)
Green Camo (PB) (Add $3.00)
Blue Camo II (CT) (Add $3.00)
Red Camo (CT) (Add $3.00)
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