.50 cal Blowgun Extension
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.50 cal Blowgun Extension
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.50 cal Blowgun Extension
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Extreme Blowguns .50 Caliber Blowgun Extension

.50 Caliber Blowgun Extension (Make your .50 Caliber Blowgun longer).

Includes: EXTREME 24" Blowgun Extension, and Blowgun Coupling, to attach to your Blowgun.

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We do not recommend coupling unless portability for transport is the only option and recommend one piece units for optimal performance!

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Black (CT)
Gun Metal Grey (CT) (Add $1.00)
Fire Red (CT) (Add $1.00)
Green Camo (CT) (Add $2.00)
Urban Camo (CT) (Add $2.00)
Blue Camo (CT) (Add $2.00)
Blue Camo II (CT) (Add $2.00)
Red Camo (CT) (Add $2.00)
Silver Camo (CT) (Add $2.00)
Green Evolution (CT) (Add $2.50)
Purple Evolution (CT) (Add $2.50)
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