Heavy Duty Blowgun Sling
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Heavy Duty Blowgun Sling
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Heavy Duty Blowgun Sling
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We have been in the blowgun market since 1989 and during that time the only blowgun slings available have been of a light weight material and in our opinion to short in length to be actually useful.
Therefore we went into production on the concept of making a heavier and longer blowgun sling that would actually be functional, affordable yet tough enough to last a lifetime.

EXTREME HEAVY DUTY BLOWGUN SLINGS are made of the finest heavy weight yet flexible gun sling material available today. It features an extra long length of 48 and 56 inches. We manufacture them in 1" widths and for those that desire extra wide and even heavier weight material, we offer a 1 1/2" width super heavy weight as well.  Color of course is the most popular - Black. There are no metal or plastic parts to scratch barrels and rifles, we feature a sewn loop design. The Extreme blowgun sling fits all caliber blowguns and even rifles. The day of non productive blowgun slings are now over.

MATERIAL: Heavy Duty Gun Sling Fabric

LENGTH: 1" W x 48" L and 1 1/2" W x 56" L

WIDTH: 1" and Extra Wide Super Heavy Weight 1 1/2"

COLOR: Black

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Extra Wide Heavy Weight 1.5" (Add $0.50)
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