Electronic Blowgun Sight
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Electronic Blowgun Sight
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Electronic Blowgun Sight
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Blowgun Red Dot Sight .40
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Blowgun Electronic Sighting System

The Extreme Blowguns Focus Targeting System offers a fully adjustable red dot scoping system and blowgun mounting hardware for .40 caliber Blowguns.
Improves accuracy with a red dot aiming point!

Fully adjustable for windage and elevation!

Testing of the Blowgun Red Dot Sighting System was beyond my expectations. Material's used for testing were a 48" standard Extreme blowgun barrel, standard mouthpiece, 3 assorted quivers mounted behind the Sighting System, 4" target darts, standard muzzle guard, foam grip and a self healing polyethylene self healing blowgun target. I first mounted the sighting system on the end of the 48" barrel and nothing made any sense to me, So I decided to move the sighting system up the barrel. I proceeded to mount the sight by feel, Mounting in front of the quivers and placing the foam grip in front of the sighting system. It measured 16 1/8" from the very front of the mouthpiece to the center mounting base of the sighting system. I am right eye dominate and proceeded to zero in the sighting system. I rotated the blowgun barrel slightly clockwise so that the sighting system was cocked slightly to the right and adjusted the elevation and right and left adjustment wheels so that the red dot was centered in the view screen. Bingo achieved success in a matter of just a few minutes. I proceeded to aim at the 1 3/4" bull's-eye of the target at a distance of exactly 21' and was astounded with the outcome. Focusing both eyes at the bull's-eye of the target, I would turn the barrel slightly until I seen the red dot on the bull's-eye, (When rotating the blowgun barrel slightly clockwise, the sight shifted slightly to the right, The red dot would become very strong, When in the zero zone. The right eye was totally in line with the sighting system and the target). I continually hit inside the bull area and was robin hooding many darts. Surprised is the only word I can come up with. Totally amazing sighting system, Strongly increases and reinforces blowgun accuracy.

Fits .40 caliber Blowguns

NOTE: We frequently get asked if this is a laser system, it is not a laser. It is a red-dot sighting system. This info may help. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_dot_sight

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