.40 cal. Paintballs 3,000 ct. Bulk Discount!
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.40 cal. Paintballs 3,000 ct. Bulk Discount!
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.40 cal. Paintballs 3,000 ct. Bulk Discount!
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.40 Caliber Paintballs 3,000 count bulk discount.

New! NEON COLOR .40 Caliber Paintballs, With Easier-break Shell. This new shell breaks twice as easy than any previous paintballs manufactured.
Leaves a more uniformed splat due to this process!

Increases Accuracy: Due to a perfect paint fill of each ball. Weight and Dimension is much more uniformed ball per ball.

Specially Designed for .40 caliber Blowguns and Paintball Pistols.

All of our paintballs come pre packaged, in a rainbow mix of colors. Marking is much more identifiable. Non toxic food dyes are incorporated to achieve color base.

Also works in sling shots.

.40 Caliber Paintballs 3,000 count

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