.50 cal. Broadhead Darts 100 ct.
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.50 cal. Broadhead Darts 100 ct.
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.50 cal. Broadhead Darts 100 ct.
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EXTREME .50 Caliber Blowgun Broadhead Darts

5" Broadhead Dart heavy duty steel shaft with safety cones and snap on broadhead carbon fiber tips. Typically known and referred to as, Black Widow Blowgun Broadhead Darts upon its original design creation of now, several decades ago!

NOTE: These are not a target dart but a hunting dart and made for a bigger flesh wound, in where a light weight dart application holds warrant. The broadhead tips are removable (extra broadhead tips available below). If a permanent bond of the tip is required then the broadhead tip would have to be glued to the shaft. It is traditionally used where a light weight blowgun hunting dart is required. If seeking a heavier blowgun dart with more impact the Stinger or Pro-Hunter Dart would also be a dart alternative choice option consideration.

QUANTITY: 100 Count

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