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Police Spring Assisted Knives, It's a New Era!

These new age Spring Assisted Knives, are surprisingly very high quality compared to many years ago, say throughout the 90's and early decade 00's for example of the crazy imported knife era of the times, where we all know they were pretty much junk as far as being considered a tool of our professionals out in law enforcement, fire, rescue, etc., But it is a New Age and these Spring Assisted Knives and this new era it's bringing along with it, is bringing a new light to everyone, professionals, collectors, and or others in the workforce and the quality is a bit overwhelming compared to back then. The action is super fast on these new style knives and overall quality of construction can not be equaled for the price and by no means can be compared to the knife age of the past. I've supplied many Police units, Firemen, Rescue personal with cutlery tools through out the last 20 years through our sport shop channels here in this area and also nationwide and while I know that many like the $150.00 range knives for the job that lies in front of them, these new age knives are worth looking into and while many remember the times of the past, I think you'll be surprised of the change the market has been making over the last few years and these new age Spring Assisted Knives are certainly a reflection of those changes. If you service personal haven't tried one of these new age inexpensive Spring action knives, it's a $10.00 investment that may very well save someone's life, or maybe a loved one, in the path that lays in the future before you. They are certainly more than worthy as a concrete backup, or for a tag-along civilian primary in the ole glove box, when off duty, or perhaps on that rare much needed vacation when traveling the American highways, or any call, as the job of a professional, is never really done or off duty!

Blessings to our Law Enforcement and our Service Personal that put their lives on the line on a daily basis in the call of duty!

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