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Lightweight and deadly accurate, Terminator Blowguns features a range of over 250 feet and a muzzle velocity as high as 350 feet per second or more and can penetrate 1/4" of plywood with no problem! Terminator Blowguns are .40 Caliber and are made with TEFLON coated seamless aircraft aluminum tubing. They are equipped with a custom manufactured anti-inhale mouthpiece to ensure against dart inhalation while providing maximum airflow for the utmost in product safety, while delivering unsurpassed performance. These high quality blowguns come with a manufacturer lifetime warranty and in co-effort with Extreme Blowgun Line Distribution, are 100% Manufactured and Assembled in America, USA!

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Terminator Blowguns: High Power Blowguns complete with 
Blowgun Darts and Accessories by Terminator Blowguns.
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