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Tufram Blowguns, Tufram is hard as tempered steel with slippery Teflon molecules fused into the coating of the blowgun both inside and outside of the blowgun barrel. Tufram is used by NASA to coat metals for outer space where conditions are a tough as it gets. The blowgun darts glide with 12% less friction than non-coated blowgun barrels. This is the best, most slippery and durable finish you can get in a blowgun. Tufram blowguns are fully loaded with 40 blowgun hunting darts, blowgun dart quivers and dart protective tip guards installed on the blowgun as well as two foam grips and a convenient handmade carrying sling.

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Tufram Blowguns: Space Age Teflon Treated Blowgun 
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